Today's linkfest is early and somewhat abbreviated. However please feel free to peruse any of our prior posts.

Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal points to Korea as a "canary in a coal mine" for the global economy and emerging market stocks in general.

Ticker Sense has another cool graph, this time documenting the global decline in equity prices.

Chet Currier at looks at the "concentrated fund flows" into the international markets.

The NYSE Group-Euronext-Deutsche Bourse triangle thickens as the German exchange counters the NYSE's bid.

Daniel Gross at looks at the main reason why (derivatives) the NYSE is interested in Euronext.

John M. Berry at wonders whether the Fed will be forced into a mistake by skeptical market forces.

Michael Kahn at notes the bond market is at a crucial juncture with a good chance for at least a short-term retracement in yields.

Emma Trincal at has a report on how one firm tracks "high impact" hedge fund stock selections.

DealBook looks at the contrarian case against further mutual fund company consolidation.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser examines at the divergence between oil and natural gas prices.

Judy Stoffman at the Toronto Star has an interesting story on a new book on "happiness" research.

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