Oversold might be an apt description of the Vonage (VG) initial public offering. Rather we are noting some signs that the market might be oversold at least in the short term.

The Kirk Report has a nice post up demonstrating how the market is oversold by a number of different measures.

Ticker Sense has a graphic up showing all international ETFs as oversold by their measure.

Jeff Matthews has a funny anecdote on the state of the market from an individual investor's perspective.

Speaking of wrong-way market indicators the Stalwart looks at the sorry record of one prominent economist.

Every time the market declines going into a weekend you can count a pundit (or two) trotting out the tired analogy that this is 1987 all over again. Ticker Sense has two graphs (1 & 2) showing how this time it really is different.

Henny Sender in the Wall Street Journal reports on another private equity firm seeking out "permanent capital" via an IPO in Amsterdam.

DealBook reports some comments by a hedge fund "grandee" on the troubles facing hedge fund managers.

Truth on the Market is not all that surprised by a study showing mutual fund investors don't really read the prospectus before investing.

The Globe & Mail reports on the state of the "ethanol enigma" north of the border (Canada).

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator is fearful on the transition the Fed is facing with economic news coming in a mixed fashion.

James R. La Monica at CNNMoney.com reports on the faith many value managers have in John Malone's spawn.

CXO Advisory Group has two new summary and synthesis pieces up on: individual investor practices and some trading indicators.

It is good to see that Marketwatch.com is adding some content from the Minyanville menagerie.

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