A new day, a new IPO. This time the difference is that the underwriters seemingly got it right. After the poor reaction to the Vonage (VG) deal yesterday, the market continues to shun the deal.

On the other hand the Mastercard (MA) offering after having its offering price cut is doing swimmingly on its debut.

Ray Hennessey at SmartMoney.com thinks the IPO game for individual investors is "rigged against them."

Randall W. Forsyth in Barron's notes the skepticism the IPO market has towards marginal stories.

Speaking of IPOs, breakingviews reports that a prominent alternative investment management firm is looking towards its own IPO. (via DealBook)

Barry Ritholtz looks at the many 1987 market analogies, but favors another comparison.

Robert W. Colby at Marketwatch.com presents some evidence on the efficacy of a relative strength trading system for ETFs.

CXO Advisory Group reviews the results of an academic paper on the value of combining value and momentum to trade global industry groups.

On the subject of academic papers, some might find this paper on the question of "Is There Hedge Fund Contagion?" interesting in light of the market's recent swoon.

Austan Goolsbee at New York Times looks at the (surprising) role luck and timing play for the trajectory of MBA graduates' careers.

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution proposes that the best time to introduce a gas tax "… is right after a big market-induced spike in prices."

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