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Sonja Ryst at looks at how BRICs became a brand unto themselves.

Andrew Feinberg at Kiplinger's examines a great investor's bold bets on large cap technology stocks.

Barry Ritholtz at looks at ten lessons investors should learn from the market sell-off.

Jesse Eisinger at the Wall Street Journal thinks hedge fund diversity makes a hedge fund crisis less likely.

Pratima Desai at Reuters notes the trend of large multi-strategy hedge funds increasingly dominating assets under management.

Anuj Gangahar at the examines the growth and evolution of "algorithmic trading."

Ian Salisbury at the Wall Street Journal looks at the niche that leveraged and inverse ETFs will occupy.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator notes that despite the fall in May, emerging markets are still the best performing asset class for the past twelve months.

Elizabeth Nowicki at Truth on the Market takes a closer look at the "contempt" that Home Depot (HD) directors have shown towards their shareholders. highlights some research that looks at the interaction of dividend policy, debt levels and management skill.

Arvind Subramanian at the IMF has an in-depth interview with economist/pundit Paul Krugman. (via Economist's View)

Felix Gillette at CJR Daily looks at the implications of a court ruling in favor of bloggers as journalists.

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