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Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal thinks a falling P/E ratio on large cap stocks is indicative of the market's indifference.

Ticker Sense graphically compares this correction to the others in this bull market.

Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street looks at the historical real returns on cash on how poor recent returns have been.

The odds of a Fed hike this month continue to increase. (via macroblog)

Institutional Investor reports on the growing trend towards 130/30 strategies.

DealBook looks at the evidence against a "May Meltdown" for hedge funds.

Under the Counter highlights a report on the huge deal a prop trader has reached with a prominent investment bank.

DealBook looks at why private equity continues to find office REITs attractive.

Ronald Grover at looks at the difficulties outside investors have faced when they invest in Hollywood. A recent private equity investment in the MGM is a prime example of the treacherous terrain.

Speaking of risky behavior by private equity firms, highlights the trend of private equity firms investing in up and coming fashion designer.

Barry Ritholtz looks at the many ways Google (GOOG) is competing against Microsoft (MSFT).

James Hamilton at Econbrowser looks at the odd case of Saudi Arabian oil production.

Philip E. Tetlock looks at the two types of experts quoted by the media and the difficulty we face in tracking their predictions.

The World Bank has used the outset of the World Cup to collect a number of interesting links including: economic predictions of the World Cup, economic impact of the World Cup and the role of sports and international development.

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