We are not the only weekend linkfest. Barry Ritholtz and Adam Warner also weigh in.

The megacap bandwagon is growing. We noted a catalyst for megacap outperformance. Andrew Bary in Barron's looks at the megacaps increasingly attractive valuations. Paul J. Lim in the New York Times examines the seeming change in market leadership.

On a similar note, Conrad De Aenlle in the New York Times highlights the advantages of dividend paying stocks in a market correction.

Tim Harford in Slate.com looks at some rational explanations for a bubbles and crashes.

Chuck Jaffe at Marketwatch.com looks at whether hedge funds actually make sense for individual investors.

As noted the emerging markets have taken it on the chin. Polya Lesova at Marketwatch.com looks at the underlying fundamentals.

Lawrence Jones at Morningstar.com reports on a slew of new ETFs coming from Powershares

Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street reviews where we the stock market stands in terms of the very long term trend.

Like their demand for opulent estates, hedge fund managers cannot seem to get enough fine art.

Abby Ellin in the New York Times highlights a documentary that examines at the worth of a Harvard MBA.

Jonathan Clements in the Wall Street Journal wonders how many readers actually read his personal finance column.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser reviews the evidence for Bernanke as hawk or dove.

Daniel Gross is a man of his word.

From Going Private an interesting take on a "two martini" lunch.

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