It has been an eventful week, we hope you can get out there and enjoy your Father's Day weekend.

TraderFeed looks at what happens after a sharp one-day rally in the midst of an extended downturn.

Ticker Sense notes volatility tends to increase after a day with a 2% move. However the AAII sentiment survey shows excessive pessimism.

Emma Trincal at looks at the fallout of a bad May on the world of hedge funds.

Chet Currier at thinks investors should focus more on prices and less on the Fed.

Greg Mankiw also thinks excessive Fed watching is a bad sign.

Tom Lauricella in the Wall Street Journal is shocked to find that momentum investing still exists.

Barry Ritholtz commenting on this story thinks we should acknowledge that buy-and-hold goes through cycles.

Aaron Pressman at takes issue with Barry's conclusions.

Stephen Schwartzman of the Blackstone Group takes a shot at Sarbanes-Oxley. (via Reuters) Note our previous take on the topic.

Owen Thomas at CNN Money thinks the Microsoft (MSFT) executive suite could do with some more turnover.

Jon Friedman at has had it with Jim Cramer's antics.

Marc Hogan at wonders whether Mark Cuban shouldn't re-think his plans for

Lisa Scherzer at interviews Michael Mauboussin on this multi-disciplinary approach to investing. An earlier take here.

Katie Zezima at the New York Times looks at a Mona Lisa mystery that has nothing to do with the Da Vinci Code.

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