The Carnival of Investing #27 is up over at AllFinancialMatters. With no further ado our daily linkfest.

Barry Ritholtz notes that the week after the quadruple witching in June has not been a good one.

Ticker Sense looks at the overbought/oversold readings on U.S. ETFs.

TraderFeed has a great line: "Markets reward the assumption of risk, not the pursuit of the familiar."

DealBook points to a backlog of mergers and acquisitions caused by the stock market correction.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator thinks Bernanke should be decisive, i.e. 50bp, at the June meeting to help establish his inflation-fighting credentials.

Caroline Baum at thinks Bernanke is now listening to the markets.

The NYSE is spraying the ball to all fields. According the Financial Times the NYSE would consider starting up a London-based exchange if the Euronext deal were to fall through.

Caren Chesler at explores Wall Street's relationship with various offshore, online casinos. (via Paul Kedrosky)

John Maudlin thinks there is a 2% alpha in fundamental indices.

Gregg Greenberg at looks at the relative success long-short mutual funds have had this year.

Under the Counter notes the double-digit growth in the bonuses being handed out the Vanguard Group.

Peter A. McKay at the Wall Street Journal looks at the factors underlying the rapid rise in ethanol prices.

Alex Taylor, III at interviews a car guy who thinks a gasoline tax is a good idea.

One constraint on ethanol production could very well be access to water. (AP via Boston Globe)

Greg Newton at NakedShorts documents Victor Niederhoffer's travails and what (if anything) he has learned from them.

Daily Dose of Optimism has an interesting look at two leaders of the "American Cargo Cult."

We have to admit that Equity Private lives a much more interesting life than us.

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