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The revolving door at Goldman Sachs (GS) just keeps on swinging. Paul Kedrosky has an interesting take on the news. Under the Counter chimes in as well.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com notes a significant drop in equity market sentiment which is good for all you contrarians out there.

The frighteningly prolific Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report could not be more correct on the related topics of options backdating and share buybacks.

Is this the answer to the question: what is the origin of options backdating? (via Truth on the Market)

DealBook reports on the ongoing investigation into improper short-selling in initial public offerings.

Random Roger acknowledges the great strides ETFs have taken thereby making all-ETF portfolios all the more possible.

Institutional Investor highlights comments by some who believe larger hedge funds will better weather the current market storm than smaller funds.

DealBook notes some private equity leaders are worried about the high levels of debt taken on in many deals these days.

Barry Ritholtz looks at the ongoing "crisis" at Microsoft (MSFT) and deems it dead money for the time being.

Mark Gilbert at Bloomberg.com examines the risks involved when central banks start removing excess liquidity.

Johnathan Keener at the Wall Street Journal looks at the growing availability of alternative energy ETFs.

Mark Landler in the New York Times reports on Europe's dirty little energy secret – an addiction to coal.

James Surowiecki in the New Yorker looks at the seemy underbelly of the world's football governing body.

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