Is the fate of the economy in the hands of the Fed or in the hands of millions of home buyers (and sellers)?

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator thinks real estate will deliver an "early warning" for the economy.

Barry Ritholtz thinks the real estate slowdown spells trouble for the economy, absent a pick up in spending in some other sector.

We are not sure what this says about the economy, but Joe Mysak at reports that state tax revenues are outpacing expectations.

Ticker Sense examines the most recent Lehman Brothers Uncommon Values Portfolio.

Barry Ritholtz says investors should look past old favorites to find new market leaders.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts wonders whether the torrent of "enhanced index" ETFs will overwhelm investors.

Is Goldman Sachs a big hedge fund, or a bunch of little ones under one roof. John Carney at points to one man's opinion.

According to Alpha magazine Goldman Sachs Asset Management is number one on their Hedge Fund 100 list. (via DealBook)

Chad Brand at the Peridot Capitalist isn't concerned by the Mark Cuban-backed

Jesse Eisinger in the Wall Street Journal looks at a case of "deferred dilution" at Allied Capital (ALD).

Those guys in Chicago will trade anything – Chinese yuan futures coming to a screen near you. (via

Speaking of Chicago, CHX Holdings, the parent of the Chicago Stock Exchange, has agreed to sell a minority stakes to a handful of investment banks. (via DealBook)

When we hear the phrase "neural networks" we usually run the other way. John Carney at is oddly fascinated.

Speaking of running the other way, Eleanor Laise in the Wall Street Journal explores the growing world of structured notes.

According to Edmund L. Andrews at the New York Times the issue of timber taxation has gotten linked to the effort to modify the estate tax.

Whenever day traders make the news in a market it should give you pause. Eric Bellman reports on Indian day traders in the Wall Street Journal.

It is always good to see a Todd Harrison article at

Here we go again, a "new" bio-fuel will soon be making its debut. (via

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