We are not sure how significant this is, but we recently passed 100,000 hits on this site. Thanks to every one who has been a part of our slow, but steady growth.

Speaking of kudos, Barry Ritholtz recently got a glowing write-up in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.

DealBook points to a story on the shell-game nature of buybacks. See an earlier post on the topic.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com notes the positive news being sent by insider transactions.

Liz Rappaport at TheStreet.com on how companies are tapping dedicated convertible funds for capital to follow through on their share buyback ambitions.

BreakingViews in the Wall Street Journal examines the back up in spreads on leverage loans which are the source of much of the capital used in private equity led buyouts.

Randall W. Forsyth at Barrons.com turns up his nose at the recent wave of corporate financial engineering.

Random Roger looks at the complications of using broad-based ETFs in an all-ETF portfolio.

Lawrence Carrel at SmartMoney.com weighs in on the wave of fundamental index funds.

Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist explains the Kelly criterion as applied to asset allocation.

FinanceProfessor.com loves out-of-sample tests and highlights an article that goes to great lengths to do this.

Todd Harrison in Marketwatch.com has an entertaining story of a “short position to remember.”

It’s tough to be a nominee for a cabinet post when all of your youthful indiscretions get “splashed” in the papers.

The best measure of one’s favorite movie is how many times you have viewed it. Slate.com collects “The Movies I’ve Seen the Most” from a number of cinephiles.

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