In light of the extended holiday weekend, blogging might be a little lighter than normal. We trust you enjoy the festivities.

With the Fed decision behind us, macroblog looks into the future at the August and September meetings.

Ticker Sense looks at the timelines of intentional Fed inversions and subsequent recessions.

Chart of the Day demonstrates the duration and magnitude of the Fed’s current tightening cycle.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator thinks Bernanke may still have some heavy lifting to do.

Barry Ritholtz passes along some interesting insights into how the housing slowdown may play out.

Ticker Sense notes that one of their favorite indicators has made a big move.

Alex Halperin at looks at the rise (and risks) in “blank check” IPOs.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times thinks hedge funds should look at the SEC’s rule making woes with some trepidation.

CXO Advisory Group highlights some research that shows mutual fund managers need to exploit “private information” to consistently outperform the market.

Tom Stevenson in the Telegraph reports on PIMCO’s hard-sell for including a significant stake in commodities.

DealBook looks at whether Russian individual investors will embrace the “people’s IPO.”

Amanda Cantrell at highlights some new hybrid funds.

We don’t want to bring you down, but Joe Mysak at predicts that state government liabilities for employee retirement and health care costs are looming.

Alan Levin at the USA Today reports on the dramatic increase in commercial aviation safety due in large part to the application of technology.

Thom Lambert at Truth on the Market wonders what the heck is going on in the so-called “City of Broad Shoulders.”

Shawn Pogatchnik at the Associated Press (via Seattle Times) reports on the reverse brain drain in Ireland.

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