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From the good new/bad news file. Edmund L. Andrews in the New York Times reports on the surprising strength in taxes flowing into the federal government’s coffers.

Paul J. Lim in the New York Times looks the correction in the riskiest asset classes.

Remain calm. All is well! reports on comments by Bill Gross that state, “..the bear market in bonds is over.”

Virginia Munger Kahn in the New York Times looks at the prospects for a megacap comeback.

A trio of writers at the Wall Street Journal report on the latest executive compensation options scandal, “spring loading.” Adam Warner weighs in the continuing crisis in option-related compensation.

DealBook looks at the growing confusion over how much money hedge funds really manage.

John Carney at points to a story on how the Brits and Americans differ in regards to hedge fund regulation.

Om Malik looks at the surprisingly correlation, and current divergence between two technology darlings: Google (GOOG) and Apple Computer (APPL).

Jeff Matthews examines the dubious prospects for an iPod killer from Microsoft (MSFT) arriving any time before Christmas 2006.

Cody Willard anticipates some day, some one, will challenge the iPod.

Eric Savitz at Tech Trader Daily looks at some reasons behind the delay in next generation iPod Nanos.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser looks at some odd goings on in regards to oil production in Saudi Arabia.

In a world in search of “energy independence” everything old is new again. Linda Stern at Newsweek reports on a German company’s “sail” technology seafaring ships.

Tim Harford in examines the role of economic incentives and corruption in regards to unpaid parking tickets.

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