Given this challenge from Adam Warner we feel compelled to provide a heftier than normal linkfest.

We wish we had come up this headline: “Buy It, Strip It, Then Flip It” to describe a cynical private equity strategy. DealBook also weighs in on the merits of the future Hertz IPO.

A fresh post from Equity Private on the changing interest in private equity “club deals.”

Deborah Solomon at the Wall Street Journal reports on how a new law will allow even more capital to flow into hedge funds.

We are shocked, SHOCKED, to find out there is insider trading on Wall Street. (via

More interesting goings on in the world of security exchanges. The Chicago Board Options Exchange is going to start trading stocks. Now a broker is going to purchase control of a futures exchange. (both via

It is often useful to take a longer term view of world – this time long term Treasury yields. (via Chart of the Day)

Ticker Sense notes a comeback in overnight risk and a graphical depiction of market cap leaders flip-flopping.

Another day, another grand strategic plan from Microsoft (MSFT). Here’s a plan – split up the company., the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal weigh in. Eric Savitz at has a round-up of analyst opinion.

Tom Lydon at ETF Trends notes the introduction of some international sector ETFs.

Controlled Greed highlights a profile of a successful investor not all that familiar to an American audience.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed has an interesting piece on the mis-marketing of foreign exchange trading to individual investors.

Michael Shermer at Scientific American on how our intuition about how the world works is often wrong.

Jeffrey Kluger at on the merits of multi-tasking. This might be the reason why everybody watches to CNBC with the sound off!

Gina Kolata at the New York Times looks at drug testing and professional cycling. The Stalwart notes some simple statistics may help exonerate Floyd Landis. Art De Vany weighs in as well.

These guys always make us smile, and now the Brewers have added one more!

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