Due to unforeseen circumstances just the linkfest today, but oh what a linkfest it is…

Monday means two things here at Abnormal Returns HQ. First, the Carnival of Investing is up at My 1st Million at 33.

Second, Ticker Sense has the most recent edition of the Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll up. Most interesting is the increase in both bullish and bearish sentiment.

Our interest in seasonality is well known. Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed looks at stock market performance around the turn of the month. Ticker Sense looks at the strong performance of the market on the first day of the month, e.g. tomorrow.

From the short term to the long term. Russell Kinnel at Morningstar.com looks at some fundamental factors that help drive longer term returns for funds.

CXO Advisory Group reviews a paper on the information value of stock message boards, and not surprisingly finds little predictive value.

John Hussman at Hussman Funds thinks the markets are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to the economy.

DealBreaker.com notes the one-man economic wrecking crew that is Barry Ritholtz. At the Big Picture, Barry takes on some questionable comments on some confusing economic statistics.

macroblog looks at the shifting market probabilities for Fed rate hikes in August and September.

Caroline Baum at Bloomberg.com notes the Fed may have its hands full with economic weakness building up in the pipeline.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator looks at the benefits of broad asset class diversification.

Joanna Chung at the Financial Times (via LA Times) on investor’s ongoing love affair with the emerging markets.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report examines the complications of having an options exchange trade stocks as well.

In light of this post last week, the news of another investment bank backed private equity fund takes on additional import. (via Telegraph.co.uk)

Greg Newton at NakedShorts notes an example of some not-so-inside information.

Ben McGrath at the New Yorker looks at the “thankless job” Robert L. Chapman Jr. of Chapman Capital goes through to write letters on behalf of his shareholder activist hedge fund.

Health, wealth and wisom purportedly lead to happiness. The first ever “world map of happiness.”

The Times (of London) has some amusing (if controversial) advice in an excerpt from How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis (of Maxim magazine fame).

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