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James Picerno at the Capital Spectator asks the question: Can you beat 5.65% (on a five year CD) over the next five years?

Ticker Sense has a nifty graphic showing an indicator that is correlated with consumer inflation. Also note their interesting graph of recent equity group performance.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture thinks we should afraid, very afraid, of higher inflation readings.

Alan Murray in the Wall Street Journal looks at the numerous factors, including Sarbanes-Oxley, on the decline in global IPOs on U.S. based exchanges.

DealBook examines the fallout from the relative decline in Nasdaq (NDAQ) stock price versus the London Stock Exchange.

Not much to see here. Amanda Cantrell at CNNMoney.com reports on the middling performance of hedge funds in July.

Amity Shlaes at Bloomberg.com examines the fallout of Congress being in session on the stock market.

Greg Mankiw wonders, Does the Fed need to look ahead?

Todd Harrison at Marketwatch.com with some much-needed perspective on “what constitutes real wealth.”

The Freakonomics blog look at some recent research on a horrifying trend.

Carl Bialik, the Numbers Guy, at the Wall Street Journal sheds some additional light on the Floyd Landis case.

It sucks, that we will not see the racing Chorizo sausage until next season.

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