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The logic behind a domestic economic recession. Paul Kedrosky points to a piece that succinctly lays out the case for recession stemming from three main factors: higher oil prices, higher interest rates, and a slowing housing market.

Vikas Bajaj at the New York Times reports on the proverbial canary in the coal mine for the housing market – a slumping market for luxury second homes.

Randall W. Forsyth at passes along some interesting statistics on the length and depth of prior housing slowdowns.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator succinctly notes, “Bernanke is betting that an economic slowdown will cool inflation.”

Lest we present only one side of the debate, David Andrew Taylor at asks, “Is the economy really slowing?”

Ticker Sense on the growing number of withdrawn IPOs.

Although we have not been writing on the topic, the options backdating scandal continues apace. Daniel Gross correctly points out that the chorus of options apologists have quieted given the adverse news flow.

Claudia H. Deutsch at the New York Times has a good article exploring the increasingly complex world of the water industry.

Jonathan Burton at talks with a self-interested observer on the question of how much commodity portfolio exposure is advisable.

John Carney at on how controversy seems to follow Mark Cuban and DealBook is also on the case.

David Weidner at has an early look at a Wall Street tell-all book that has some investment bankers nervous. DealBook weighs in as well.

Tyler Cowen in the New York Times looks at how well microfinance works in actuality.

This blog is written on a Mac. We were therefore interested by an article by Thomas J. Fitzgerald in the New York Times on the issues to consider in making a PC to Mac switch. David Pogue looks at the oft-trumped up case for a “war” between Windows and the Mac OS X.

First the Chorizo and now this? (via

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