Given how often Google (GOOG) and Apple Computer (APPL) are in the news we are working on some shorthand, Goople any one? GigaOm, Chad Brand, DealBook and Tech Trader Daily all weigh in on the news that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is joining Apple’s board of directors.

We previously noted the ECRI, now David Leonhardt at the New York Times takes an in-depth look at the ECRI and their expectations for a recession.

John M. Berry at thinks the Fed will continue their pause policy.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser wonders where the surge in inflationary expectations went, post-Fed pause.

Accrued Interest has a number of “bold opinions” on the state of thinking at the Fed.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator notes the bond market is now clearly expecting the Fed to reverse course sooner, rather than later.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the Fed’s misuse of core inflation statistics.

Justin Lahart at the Wall Street Journal on the prospects for an earnings slowdown.

Despite a lower number of bankruptcy filings, DealBook notes a story on the still bullish case for bankruptcy/restructuring professionals.

We thought the future would bring us fewer stock/options exchanges, not the mish-mash we now face. (via Wall Street Journal)

Mark Hulbert at on the recent performance of the Value Line ranking system.

Daniel Gross at with a speculative piece on the potential sale of the magazine publishing arm of Time-Warner (TWX). DealBook notes the story as well.

Going Private is still on the Tom Cruise MBO story.

In a minute-by-minute world, Todd Harrison at has some interesting themes to watch over the next five years.

Charles Fishman at Fast Company on the potentially huge effects a little lightbulb could have on electricity consumption.

Too bad aspirin is long since, off-patent. This news could send sales through the roof. (via Science Blog)

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