Despite it being a holiday-shortened week we are happy to see it come to a close with another jam-packed linkfest.

DealBook points to a report that shows the hedge fund industry is becoming increasingly top heavy.

Speaking of hedge funds, Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage thinks Moody’s new hedge fund risk ratings will have little impact in a hedge fund industry that is shaped like a “barbell.”

On the hedge fund front, Ticker Sense has some idea of what stocks the largest hedge funds are currently selling.

Chet Currier at wonders whether investors shouldn’t just get comfortable with the question of market volatility instead of trying to seek our a placid equilibrium.

The month of September is one known for volatility. Michael Kahn at wonders whether September will be all that cruel this year.

Lisa Scherzer at interviews Ned Davis on the importance of the four-year election cycle noting the fact that this month represents a turn in the normal cycle.

Eddy Elfeinbein at Crossing Wall Street points to research showing consensus forecasts of GDP to be “…all but worthless.”

As requested Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report comments on the addition of a new competitor to the (already) crowded options marketplace.

On the subject of options exchanges, the CBOE is on track to be a for-profit exchange in the next year.

Random Roger does not find much of interest in the NYSE document on ETFs.

Ever wonder what one of the largest pension fund’s asset allocation looks like?

Going Private has been reading the Economist, or is it the other way around?

Andrew Pollack in the New York Times reports on how the ethanol boom is affecting the way seed companies are optimizing their breeds for distillation.

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