The Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll is up and it is showing a jump in bearishness.

Justin Fuller at culls the “ultimate value investor’s portfolio” from some well-known value-leaning equity mutual funds.

Peter A. Mckay in the Wall Street Journal on recent trends in insider activity.

Charles Kirk at the Kirk Report reproduces a graph showing a “cash deficit” at equity mutual funds.

Vincent Fernando at The Stalwart takes apart one MSM story on the state of the oil (futures) market.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the United States growing oil deficit. reports on another currency-related ETF coming to market.

Adam Warner at Daily Options Report is onto something – we think.

John Carney at on whether options issuance is worth all the trouble it causes for companies.

DealBook pulls together some items that look at how 9/11 changed Wall Street.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage comes down on the side of Ben Stein in the ongoing MBO debate.

Matthew Hougan at reports on some changes afoot in the world of socially responsible investing. on the question of whether private equity/hedge fund money will trickle down to independent movie producers.

John Cassidy in the New Yorker with a magazine-length article on the promise of neuroeconomics to change the field of economics.

David Warsh at has some nice things to say about a book we previously reviewed.

Greg Mankiw on the question of whether “…intellectual property deserves legal protection.”

Good news item of the day. Sidney Spiesel at on a promising cancer treatment.

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