The Carnival of Investing #40 is up over at Consumerism Commentary.

The Sept. 18th Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll is up and showing a stubbornly bearish blogosophere.

Count us as officially intrigued by the Festival of Stocks up at Gannon on Investing.

Better late than never, David Carr at the New York Times on the prospects for a Time-free, Time Warner (TWX).

The satellite story has not yet played itself out. Andy Pasztor in the Wall Street Journal discusses the challenges facing the other satellite television provider, EchoStar Communications (DISH). And Saul Hansell in the New York Times reports on the growing challenge that is the three-headed monster available from the cable companies.

John Spence at on a proposed ETF that goes against the grain of increasing specialization.

Katie Benner at on the challenges of using various private equity investments in public, open-end mutual funds.

CXO Advisory Group reviews a paper on what subset of stocks technical analysis seems to work.

DealBook points to a piece on the sorry state of technology IPOs in the twenty first century, so far.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight asks an interesting question about the 10 year bond.

Alistair Barr at on the effect heightened competition in the prime brokerage market is having on investment banking margins.

Considering how much time Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report already spends on YouTube it is only appropriate that he get into the act.

Speaking of YouTube, Eric Savitz at points to a blistering post by Mark Cuban on the current internet video darling.

In light of the news on Amaranth Advisors, Greg Newton at NakedShorts uses the occasion to remind us of Newton’s First Law of Investing (all rights reserved, of course).

Greg Mankiw has an interesting take on this story by Carol Hymowitz in the Wall Street Journal on the importance (or not) of having attended an ‘elite’ university when it comes to Fortune 50 CEOs.

James Surowiecki in the New Yorker is once again on point when he highlights this nation’s “incoherent public policy” on gambling, specifically internet gambling.

Shark week just got more interesting.

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