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Any one who has read our coverage of commodities should not be surprised that we found this piece by Stephen S. Roach at John Maudlin’s Outside the Box interesting.

David Andrew Taylor at Dismally.com on the relationship (if any) between commodity prices and housing prices.

Ticker Sense has a neat graph showing the “correlation” between gasoline prices and Pres. Bush’s approval ratings.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com doesn’t think much of the presidential election cycle effect on stock prices.

CXO Advisory Group reviews a paper on the underlying conditions necessary to unleash a stock market boom.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture discusses the difficulty in making (and relying) on economic forecasts.

Roger Nusbaum in TheStreet.com reviews an ETF with a heavy emphasis on high dividend paying mega-caps.

David Weidner at Marketwatch.com on the fallout from the Amaranth Advisors blowup on some investment banks.

ProfessorBainbridge.com on what the insider trading literature says about a recent report showing high levels of insider trading.

The Stalwart highlights some interesting anti-trust reading.

Greg Mankiw follows up on his question on who really makes up the top .01% of the income distribution.

Diane Mermigas at the Hollywood Reporter on what a Murdoch-Malone deal tells us about the future of the media landscape.

Thomas Hawk on why the move into video by Apple Computer (APPL) is doomed to failure.

Robert Hawk at GigaOm.com on the potential for a growing strategic relationship between Apple and Google (GOOG).

A funny take on the scientific method. (via Piled Higher and Deeper)

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