In an earlier post we tried to capture some relevant posts on the Amaranth blow-up. Here are some additional items for your to peruse.

Speaking of risk Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight has a handy checklist on risk levels.

DealBook comments on the growing popularity of the “buyout-hunting game.”

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator wonders: “Where will liquidity go next?”

Accrued Interest has a great post on how investors should act more like detectives, not lawyers.

Todd Harrison at thinks the current market feels a great deal like last May.

Socially responsible investing seems to be in the air. Thomas Kostigen at and weigh in.

Ticker Sense wonders whether opportunity lies in an “orphaned sector.”

CXO Advisory Group reviews a study on the similarity between mutual funds managed according to behavioral finance tenets and good old fashioned, value funds.

Michael Lewis at examines the lessons from a memoir from an investment banking insider.

Jon Markman at MSN Money disagrees with Mark Cuban on the value of YouTube.

John Carney at points to a depressing item on MBA ethics.

The Stalwart has some first hand reports on the effect (or not) of the coup in Thailand.

Greg Mankiw on the policies that put a tariff on imported ethanol.

David Leonhardt in the New York Times on the fact we really are better off than we were a generation ago, despite what some statistics may show.

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