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Randall W. Forsyth at Barrons.com in reviewing the performance of some of the nation’s largest endowment funds, wonders where one can look for double digit returns going forward?

Chris Flood at the FT.com has an extended piece on the state of the global markets as we enter the fourth quarter.

Chart of the Day looks at the historical performance of large and small caps across the year.

Chad Brand at the Peridot Capitalist takes a sneak peek at the fourth quarter.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times notes how greed, the weather, and inadequate risk controls brought down Amaranth Advisors.

Dennis K. Berman and Henny Sender at the Wall Street Journal look behind the scenes at the board turmoil involving a high profile MBO.

When we were writing this piece we had no clue that Pirate Capital was soon to be beset by some high profile departures. (via DealBook)

Edward Lotterman in the Pioneer Press on the misnomer that is “hedge funds.”

David Altig at macroblog wonders whether interest rates have peaked, including a follow-up.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight takes a look at what the yield curve is telling us about the state of the economy.

Chet Currier at Bloomberg.com tries to correct some market lore.
The Stalwart on the state of the Japanese Yen.

CXO Advisory Group reviews a novel paper that measures the level of risk aversion for growth and value investors.

Heather Smith at Morningstar.com has another variation on the aging baby boomer theme.

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