The Festival of Stocks #5 is up over at Value Discipline.

The Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll is up and is showing a shift away from bearishness.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on how geopolitical tension may increase capital market volatility.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on the “high-wire act” that is put selling.

CXO Advisory Group on how investors/traders really use options.

David Andrew Taylor at on how the non-farm payroll announcement demonstrated the the establishment survey is superior to the household survey.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the “absurdly large outlier” that muddies the waters in regards to employment trends.

Another day, another big-time MBO announcement. (via DealBook)

All About Alpha on why a “two-pronged approach to money management is destined to become the model of the future.”

Another hedge fund complex is coming to the public markets. (via DealBook)

John F. Wasik at looks at the due diligence required to try to avoid hedge fund blow-ups.

Russel Kinnel at examines “which fund companies are really thinking long term?”

Random Roger notes a skeptical take on the burgeoning trading blogosphere.

Teresa Lo at notes some resources (paid and free) worth checking out. (via TraderMike)

Jeff Matthews on why YouTube and its ilk are “the Next TV.”

Om Malik at GigaOm on why a YouTube acquisition may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution has comprehensive coverage of the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Will news like this help tea push coffee off of the front page? (via The Telegraph)

10 reasons people make stupid decisions. (via LifeHacker)

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