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Andrew Ross Sorkin in the New York Times on the potential for a $50 billion buyout bid.

David Gauthier-Villars in the Wall Street Journal on why the offer never got past the talking stage.

Why are private equity firms so interested in media companies? (via DealBook)

Rob Carrick in the Globe & Mail on why it may be a mistake to “throw in the towel” on income trusts.
It should not be surprising to hear that some hedge funds got caught up in the Canadian income trust debacle. (via

The drop in Canadian income trusts has attracted some private equity interest according to a report in the Globe & Mail.

Vito J. Racanelli in Barron’s on the move by some investors into so-called “frontier” emerging markets.

Barry Rehfeld in the New York Times on the time-tested strategy of investing in corporate spinoffs.

Scott Kilman in the Wall Street Journal on the role ethanol demand has played in the huge run up in corn prices.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator points to an interesting interview with Eugene Fama.

Daniel Gross in the New York Times on how real estate markets have become less local and more national.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on how you as a trader should, “Think of yourself as an engine of continuous evolution.”

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report has a nifty set of weekend links.

Mark Hulbert in the New York Times on research that shows a relationship between corporate political contributions and stock performance.

Michelle Leder at on how Democrats and Republicans invest differently.

Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt in the New York Times on research that demonstrates the role weather can play on society.

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