The Economist wonders why investors continue to pour money into hedge funds given that they are paying “alpha pay for beta performance.”

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times on one hedge fund manager’s novel compensation plan.

Controlled Greed is “intrigued” by the aforementioned plan.

Has a rise in assets caused a “structural problem” for hedge funds seeking investment talent? (via DealBook)

Yaser Anwar at Investment Ideas has an wide-ranging interview with Steven Drobny.

The Economist asks whether we need new anecdotal indicators of an asset price bubble?

Ticker Sense notes the number of companies guiding earnings higher this quarter has decreased.

Barry Ritholtz and James Picerno on the plunge in new housing starts.

Is the CW key to the Tribune Co.’s fate? (via DealBook)

Speaking of deals, should Clear Channel (CCU) hold out for a better price? (via MarketBeat)

Matthew Goldstein at notes a high profile fund is warning of a private equity bubble.

Eric Dash in the New York Times on yet another study documenting options backdating.

No surprise here. Kaja Whitehouse and Tom Lauricella in the Wall Street Journal on mutual funds’ tendency to vote with management.

The Mess That Greenspan Made steps into the Blogger Spotlight over at the Big Picture.

Institutional Investor on a change in investment strategy for the endowments of Oxford and Cambridge.

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