Greg Newton at NakedShorts on Citadel’s attempt to purchase a database with competitor’s past trades.

Speaking of Citadel, John Carney at notes how with their bond offering they are now the “anti-LTCM.”

Going Private points to an interesting paper on the performance of reverse LBOs and feels “un-American” for daring to question the wisdom of 2&20.

Robert Schroeder at on what some new hedge fund rules may look like.

DealBook on the feast of fees in a recent high-profile private equity deal.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture has more on trends in trucking.

MarketBeat reports on some research on what the (now) longstanding inverted yield curve says about the economy.

Accrued Interest on the re-emergence of pricing power.

Caroline Baum at on the market’s “respectful disagreement” with the Fed.

Mark Hulbert at on the high levels of bullishness towards the bond market and the difficulty of bond market timing.

CXO Advisory Group with yet another research study showing investors sell winners too soon, and hold losers too long.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage takes issue with coverage of stock buybacks.

Cubs fans want to know what the Cubs’ off-season spending spree means for the prospects of new management for the team? (via DealBook)

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