David Gaffen at MarketBeat has an interesting market tidbit from Birinyi Associates.

Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal on those companies that benefit from the falling dollar.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture has a snazzy new design and points to an interesting quote on market irrationality.

Todd Trubey at Morningstar.com on the recent travails of mutual fund managers who lay claim to the mantle of Buffetologists.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on that “little” thing we like to call the VIX.

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DealBook on the chances that chances that the big bookstore chains get taken private.

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Going Private on the anti-MBO crowd and media spin.

Eduardo Porter in the New York Times on a study showing wealth inequality growing worldwide.

Amity Shlaes at Bloomberg.com on the consequences if the Pigou Club gets what it wants.

Will this possibility change these odds?

Jonathan Clements at the Wall Street Journal has another interesting piece on “happiness research.”

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