Steve Lohr in the New York Times on the “seasonal pressure” facing business this December.

As an antidote to all of the gloomy predictions for 2007 you should check out a piece by Jonathan R. Laing in Barron’s. In it he discusses the profound changes in the global economy courtesy of the GaveKal crew.

breakingviews (via discusses the difficulties long/short managers have had in light of the move up in the equity markets.

Norm Conley at on the high hurdle that hedge funds represent to investors.

Charles Duhigg in the New York Times on the challenges facing private equity as they acquire a higher public profile.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on how “value” has become the new “growth.”

Paul J. Lim in the New York Times on the challenges of trying to time the large cap/small cap cycle.

J. Alex Tarquino in the New York Times on where yield investors might turn now.

Greg Mankiw on the interpretation of “gifts as signals.”

Mark Whitehouse in the Wall Street Journal picks up on the “deadweight Christmas” theme.

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