Value Blog Review has a list of five essential blogs for new investors and traders.

DealBook has a nice backgrounder on the Nardelli resignation at Home Depot and the continuing pressure on the CEOs of public companies.

Kathy M. Kristof in the Los Angeles Times with an interview with Charlie Munger touching on outside director pay.

David Gaffen at MarketBeat tracks down Byron Wein’s list of surprises for the New Year.

Mark Hulbert at on what Value Line’s valuation models are saying about the market.

John Carney at on the New York magazine profile of NYSE Chairman John Thain.

Gregory Zuckerman and Alistair MacDonald in the Wall Street Journal on the quest by alternative investment managers for ‘permanent capital.’

Roger Ehrenberg and All About Alpha on the controversy over ‘hedge fund hotels.’

QuantInvestor and FT Alphaville on the (il)logic of hedge fund compensation structures.

Tim Middleton at MSN Money on the ins and outs of long/short equity mutual funds.

We missed this earlier item at on outside investment at WisdomTree Investments.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on the relative merits of options spreads.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts continues his humorous look at the coming year.

Daniel Gross at on “stupid laws” that prevent foreigners from buying U.S. airlines.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money on the slowing of the overseas outsourcing trend.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the prospects for real wage growth in 2007.

Speaking of wage inflation, one need only look at the market for top-flight college football coaches. (via The Sports Economist)

Paul Kedrosky and Arnold Kling highlight notable entries at Edge on “What Are You Optimistic About?”

Greg Mankiw notes a NY Times piece on the relationship between education and longevity.

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