The Apple iPhone seems to be generating no shortage of hype. The breakingviews crew thinks the new product may very well live up to it. Paul Kedrosky has five (big) issues with the iPhone. This story by Lev Grossman at gives a (favorable) behind-the-scenes look at the design of the new product.

Joanna Slater at the Wall Street Journal passes along a neat McKinsey study graph on “How financial assets link different corners of the globe.”

Ryan Batchelor at on what they think the market is worth at the moment.

Roger Nusbaum at on the importance of diversification, especially when it comes to the emerging markets.

FT Alphaville on an investment in the Mumbai-based National Stock Exchange.

Howard Simons at on the relationship between commodity prices and the emerging markets.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report identifies some ETFs he uses in his trading regime.

Henry Blodget at on why lists like “The Top 10 Stock To Buy Now” are simultaneously entertaining and a bad source of investment advice.

Jonathan Clements in the Wall Street Journal on squeezing some additional momentum from your mutual fund holdings.

Are prime brokers lending too much to hedge funds? (via DealBook)

Matthew Lynn at on how (and why) some hedge fund losers seem to bounce back so quickly.

John Carney at has a thought on the rationality of hedge fund investors.

CXO Advisory Group on the iffy-value of the Sharpe Ratio.

All About Alpha on whether we have entered a new phase in the money management industry.

David Leonhardt in the New York Times identifies some rising stars in the field of economics.

Stephen J. Dubner at the Freakonomics Blog wonders whether the effects of the (relatively) high price of oil will make Americans skinnier?

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