Erin White and Joann S. Lublin in the Wall Street Journal on the ways that companies are trimming executive perks in light of enhanced disclosure rules.

Michael Santoli at Barron’s on whether the U.S. market is a “better bet” in light of the flood of funds into international equity funds.

Charles Kirk at the Kirk Report on the nifty SPDR correlation tracker. A word of caution, it is kind of addictive.

In light of forthcoming hedge fund management company IPOs, Alistair Barr and Jonathan Burton at ask the eternal question: buy the fund or the fund company?

Tom Petruno in the Los Angeles Times on the perils to performance of ‘megafunds.’

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report tracks down some interesting posts including some on oil.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture with some words of caution for all you knee-jerk contrarians out there.

A comprehensive look at the state of the economy (with graphs) from the John Fernald at the San Francisco Fed. (via Economist’s View)

James Hamilton at Econbrowser has some interesting graphs that illustrate the world distribution of income.

Michael Shermer at Scientific American on our collective food obsession and why it might not matter all that much.

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