DealBook on how the “..cozy world of buyouts is becoming less genteel..”

Bess Levin at on a major hedge fund (SAC) venturing pretty far afield in search of investment opportunities.

FT Alphaville on research showing affluent Americans are pulling back from hedge funds.

All About Alpha on 2007 as the breakthrough year for hedge fund replication and the convergence between hedge funds and mutual funds.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight on the state of long term sentiment measures.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report with (hopefully) the last post on ‘option pinning.’

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on inflation news and the likelihood that the Fed will continue “sitting on their hands.”

Daniel Gross doesn’t understand why CEOs get involved with related-party transactions.

CXO Advisory Group on the seeming lack of a relationship between media attention and guru accuracy.

James Altucher at Stockpickr highlights some new (and novel) ETFs.

Good news. More competition coming to the world of bond ETFs. (via Wall Street Journal)

James Hamilton at Econbrowser on the supremacy of supply and demand when it comes to oil prices.

Maybe this is why all those hedge fund managers don’t wear suits? (via 37signals)

Jack Shafer at on the “absurdity” of the FCC.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage with an interesting post on valuing the “[Steve] Jobs Put Option.”

According to Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal, Windows Vista is “.. a worthy, but largely unexciting product.”

Jeff Matthews on Windows Vista – just “..stick with your Mac.”

Chris Anderson at the Long Tail has a fascinating item on how a large online retailer has laid out their warehouse…randomly!

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