Liam Plevin in the Wall Street Journal on Wilbur Ross’ move into catastrophe reinsurance.

Conrad De Aenlle in the New York Times on the value of Steve Jobs to the valuation of Apple (AAPL).

Andrew Bary in Barron’s on why one LBO offer, Clear Channel (CCU), may be underpriced.

Paul J. Lim in the New York Times on the different flavors of “fundamental indexation.”

All About Alpha warns us that all hedge fund replication methods are not created alike.

Mark Hulbert in the New York Times on the role boards of directors played in options backdating.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on “how easily your brain can be fooled.”

Roger Lowenstein in the New York Times on why it isn’t all that easy to find the “next Starbucks.”

Tim Harford in the Financial Times on “….why markets are almost efficient, but not quite.”

Chris Isidore at on the sports stadium naming boom.

Scott Adams takes apart the infomercial-sold stock software in three panels. (via Maoxian)

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