breakingviews on how companies are now forcing private equity buyers to “pay for the privilege.”

DealBook on Sam Zell’s “I told you so” on the value of Equity Office Properties (EOP).

FT Alphaville on a deal that seems to “have it all.”

Rupert Murdoch adds some intrigue into the Tribune (TRB) quasi-auction. (via DealBook)

Aaron Lucchetti in the Wall Street Journal on the continued shift towards electronic trading at the NYSE.

Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed weighs in on the Sun/KKR deal.

Scott Patterson in the Wall Street Journal on the slowdown in the stock “buyback binge.”

James Altucher at on viewing T. Boone Pickens‘ fund holdings as a ‘peak oil index.’

Andrew Tanzer at Kiplinger’s profiles Whitney Tilson and his open-end mutual fund offerings.

Jane Sasseen at on why the junk bond market has not yet taken a hit.

Erin Swanson at on issues surrounding mortgage REITs.

All About Alpha on one prominent investment firm’s brand of alpha-centric investing.

James Quinn at the Telegraph on another hedge fund style coming public on the London market.

FT Alphaville on hedge funds’ seeming inability to manage risk.

MarketBeat on the launch of a series of narrowly-focused, healthcare-related ETFs.

Ticker Sense on the seasonal pattern for industrial stocks.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser on money, inflation, and the current state of Fed policy.

Dave Altig at macroblog on the economy and how it looks different depending on your perspective.

How much do those “celebrity chefs” really make? (via New York Times)

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