Dennis K. Berman and Sarah McBride in the Wall Street Journal note the growing backlash by public shareholders of going private transactions.

Andrew Ross Sorkin in the New York Times on why few companies are now beyond the reach of private equity-led buyouts.

Tom Petruno in the Los Angeles Times on the extended junk bond market rally.

In light of high fees and middling performance are funds of hedge funds in trouble? (via

Lawrence C. Strauss in Barron’s looks back at the record year in cash flows into hedge funds.

Portable alpha moves up the pop charts. (via All About Alpha)

DealBook on whether hedge funds need a makeover.

Jack Willoughby in Barron’s on the growing IPO backlog.

James Pethokoukis in the New York Times on individual investor’s greater ability to “…tap a financial arsenal that was once readily available only to the pros.”

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture looks behind the new home sales data.

Ticker Sense on growth and value changing positions.

Are technology stocks the new “darlings of the S&P 500”? (via New York Times) on a forthcoming “global infrastructure” ETF. (via Random Roger)

Are you saving too much for retirement? (via New York Times)

Daniel Gross in the New York Times on why the United States share of the global economy is shrinking, and why we shouldn’t worry.

Biosingularity on research that gives some hints on how our brains respond when you think about taking risk.

Free exchange has some interesting items in light of Milton Friedman Day.

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