Demand for the Fortress Investment Holdings IPO is apparently quite high. (via

DealBook points to a story on the man behind activist hedge fund, Pirate Capital.

It’s never a good sign when a fund feels the need to cut is management and incentive fees. (via

Mark Hulbert in the New York Times on the importance of patience when evaluating an investment system or manager.

Accrued Interest makes the case (against) TIPS.

Eleanor Laise in the Wall Street Journal on how investors are using ETFs in their portfolios.

J. Alex Tarquino in the New York Times on the “wild ride” that is energy service stocks.

Daniel Gross at on the slumping trucking industry.

Digital billboards coming to a roadside near you. (via Wall Street Journal)

Mark Hulbert at looks behind the insider sales data.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed has (helpfully) identified six keys to trading success.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight on the challenge of following “experts.”

Tim Harford at on why despite the rise of the Internet, geography remains important for most of us.

Free exchange on the changing natural rate of unemployment.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report is looking forward to the Super Bowl with a barrel full of links.

Did you ever wonder where the Super Bowl Champion t-shirts for the losing team go after the game is over? (via New York Times)

If the Super Bowl were decided by fight songs, my Chicago Bears would win hands down every year. (downloadable version via the Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

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