Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture has another example for your magazine cover indicator file.

The Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll is at a standoff.

Don’t ignore tracking error when examining ETFs. (via

Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist has another look at Ken Fisher’s best-selling investment book.

Speaking of investment books, Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight has a book for “traders and systems developers.”

Has the Nasdaq (NDAQ) “shot itself in the foot” in its bid for the LSE? (via Wall Street Journal)

Should you be preparing for a market decline? (via

Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal on the challenges facing hedge funds in this low volatility environment.

Barry Barnitz at Asset Allocation with some perspective on downside protection in an asset allocation program.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on the best way to implement a stock replacement strategy in today’s low vol environment.

Double standards and hedge fund regulation. (via

James Altucher at with a nice primer on merger arbitrage.

Damon Darlin in the New York Times on the price war in flat screen televisions.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the bond market ignoring the long term threat of inflation.

Marginal Revolution on purchasing power parity.

Yet another reason to get a good night’s sleep. (via

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