Alan Greenspan speaks and the Chinese stock market tanks. Coincidence? Daniel Gross thinks not.

Ticker Sense, Adam Warner and FT Alphaville on the breakout in the VIX.

Is an Fed funds rate cut back on the table? (via MarketBeat)

Market Hulbert at on what record junk bond issuance may presage.

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The Economist on whether private equity-backed firms can be both green and lean.

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Are deal leaks, and subsequent trading, inevitable? (via FT Alphaville)

Mebane Faber at World Beta on hedge funds selling beta as alpha.

As one activist claims victory at Temple-Inland (TIN), another sits down for breakfast at Tiffany’s (TIF).

MarketBeat on an additional approach to analyzing ETFs and their underlying holdings.

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CXO Advisory Group reviews another momentum-based asset allocation strategy.

All About Alpha on increasing hedge fund concentration.

Howard Lindzon with a “wait and see” approach to investing in IPOs.

Should YouTube worry about Joost? (via New York Times)

Pam or Karen? (via

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