Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal on the failure of diversification in the face of the market decline.

How does a 5% correction grab you? (via Ticker Sense)

Daniel Gross at Slate.com says don’t blame China for the big market drop.

Are one day movements in the stock market nearly always “meaningless”?  (via FelixSalmon.com)

Jon Meriwether and “smart futures traders” made money during the market’s hiccup on Tuesday. (FT Alphaville & Information Arbitrage)

New “Highlights and Commentary” from Fundalarm.com.

Ken Heebner is betting big on investment banks. (via Kiplinger.com)

Tom Lydon at ETF Trends points to an article on WisdomTree Investments, the company not the ETFs.

Is the yen-carry trade being exaggerated? (via MarketBeat)

Or do we really have any clue? (via Crossing Wall Street)

David Andrew Taylor at dismally.com on the state of the “commodity currencies.”

Most global ETFs are now oversold. (via Ticker Sense)

FT Alphaville on the return of volatility to the markets.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report thinks you are better of playing options themselves and not the VIX.

All About Alpha on the high explanatory power of hedge fund replication.

Five myths about the private equity business. (via DealBook)

James Hamilton at Econbrowser.com is on “recession watch.”

Alex Halperin at BusinessWeek.com on the (few) ways investors have to tilt their portfolios toward “green companies.”

Is “green technology” the next bubble? (via MercuryNews.com)

Free exchange on how carbon offset may actually increase power consumption.

Austan Goolsbee in the New York Times on why the super-rich don’t give away more of their fortunes.

Speaking of the super-rich, are the Chicago Cubs and Mark Cuban a match made in heaven? (via DealBook)

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