Ticker Sense on whether “inflation is on the comeback?”

James Picerno and Barry Ritholtz think inflation is on the move.

Do we now have to start worrying about the “Swiss Franc” carry trade? (via Wall Street Journal)

WSJ.com, DealBreaker.com, DealBook, & Marketwatch.com on the increasing likelihood that private equity big-hitter, the Blackstone Group, files to go public.

While Edward Chancellor breakingviews.com reports on how another private equity group plans to reduce their risk profile.

FT Alphaville on how the power of private equity has transformed the leveraged debt markets in a way that will eventually pit private equity against hedge funds.

The Economist on how “new money is changing the film industry.” See also our related post Hedgewood.

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Do hedge funds need a code of conduct? (via New York Times)

Felix Salmon on the potential wider fallout from the subrprime mortgage mess.

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The Economist spots a bubble in the Vietnam stock market.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts on the superb timing of the launch of a new mortgage-related ETF.

The Economist with a profile of BATS Trading and the quest for a better trading system.

CXO Advisory Group on research that indicates share buybacks still an indicator of higher future returns.

Jon Markman at MSN Money is still bullish on Apple’s “iFuture.”

“Greenspam” defined. (via Infectious Greed)

What it takes to be rich, and no a $1 million isn’t going to cut it with the SEC. (via WSJ.com)

Joel Waldfogel at Slate.com on what economists can say about the “midlife happiness crisis.”

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