We hope you enjoy an earlier than normal edition of the weekend linkfest.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report is on “Lenny Watch.”

Susan Pulliam at the WSJ.com profiles Leon Black and Apollo Management amidst the rumors surrounding a potential IPO of the private equity firm.

DealBook on the persistent belief that insider trading is proceeding the announcement of going private transactions.

Leslie Wines at Marketwatch.com on the havoc leveraged buyouts can have on corporate bond prices.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on the use of the last hour of trading as a sentiment measure.

Michael Santoli at Barrons.com on the state of Fidelity Investments as they try and re-tool their equity-investment division.

Tom Lydon at ETF Trends on the question of whether ETF sponsors are in the midst of a “land grab.”

Paul Graham thinks “Microsoft is dead.” (via Slashdot)

Google (GOOG) continues to disrupt traditional business models, this time with a free 411 service. (via Techcrunch.com)

David Pogue at the New York Times referees an amusing “video face-off between TiVo and a generic cable company box.”

Chris Wilson at USNews.com highlights another mathematical model of baseball performance.

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