Richard Kang at Investment News on the symbiotic relationship between hedge funds and the ETF industry.

News flash! Some hedge fundies made a great deal of money last year. (via DealBook)

Ian Salisbury at the on the hurt put on oil ETFs by ‘contango.’

Vanguard has launched a series of bond ETFs. (via & The Beta Brief)

Greg Newton at NakedShorts on one hedge fund who wants to be your hedge fund’s administrator.

All About Alpha on increasing demand for portable alpha and 1XX/XX strategies.

How are private equity firms doing deals without their usual ‘clubs’? (via

Pension funds are getting into the buyout business. (via Felix Salmon)

Mark Hulbert at notes insider buy/sell ratios are still mildly supportive of the market.

New York vs. Chicago for futures trading dominance. (via

Warren Buffett gives a boost to the railroad industry. (via

Free exchange on the vagaries of investing in biotech and pharma.

‘Accelerated share repurchases’ explained. (via MarketBeat)

How much is Bloomberg LP really worth? (via DealBook)

Microsoft (MSFT) has issues. (via Information Arbitrage)

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