Continued gridlock at the Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll.

How soon we forget…Peter A. McKay at on the return of risk-seeking behavior.

This seemed inevitable. Clear Channel (CCU) receives a higher private equity-led bid. (via DealBook)

The Sallie Mae deal may represent a whole new era in financial sector buyouts (and leverage). (via

FT Alphaville is assembling a list of the top activist hedge funds.

The Economist on how the derivatives boom is driving exchange M&A.

The Jack Schwager-led Market Wizards Fund is coming to the the LSE. (via FT Alphaville)

Russel Kinnel at tracks down the ten domestic equity funds that “least resemble” the S&P 500.

John Coumarianos at reviews seven hottest stocks for the year-to-date.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report is wondering why anyone would pay up for a buy-write closed-end fund.

All About Alpha takes a look at a new method for measuring manager skill.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight on the value of polls in forecasting an imminent economic recession.

Jeff Matthews checks out a popular pundit’s call on Research in Motion (RIMM).

New business magazine Portfolio is all over the web these days, including this profile by Katharine Q. Seelye in the New York Times.

With the most recent profile of Ken Griffin in Portfolio, Greg Newton at NakedShorts is going on a well-deserved, Citadel-free diet.

Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed on a paper that examines the “…stock-trading habits of finance professors.”

Why Google (GOOG) bought Doubleclick. (via GigaOm)

Michael Lewis at on who the most “convincing victim” is in the subprime mortgage meltdown.

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