Going Private is interviewed in the (Canadian) press and is on the case of dual-class share structures.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage on dual-class share structures and the fiduciary duty of corporate boards.

Dow Jones (DJ) could face a much more formidable competitor if the Reuters-Thomson hook-up goes through. (via WSJ.com)

Henny Sender at WSJ.com with a “new twist” in the trend towards publicly traded “alternative investment” firms.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com on the performance comeback for the 39-week moving average.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight with the (contrarian) case for much higher stock prices.

David Gaffen at MarketBeat on why the public has not yet fully embraced the bull market, whereas the Chinese stock market is now quite frothy.

Howard Lindzon on the challenges of short-selling and a trend-followers best friend.

Greg Mankiw wonders what to make of a drop in correlation between the U.S. and world equity markets.

Bespoke Investment Group on the fact that the market is often wrong in forecasting the Fed funds rate.

“Alpha-centric” investing is here to stay. (via All About Alpha)

Random Roger on a new slew of ETFs.

David Merkel at the Aleph Blog has found four interesting items worth noting.

Daniel Gross at Slate.com makes the case for bubbles and their beneficial effect on the economy.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture with a definition of the word: slowflation.

A research paper that explores the reason why “private acquirers pay so little compared to public acquirers.” (via SSRN.com)

James Hamilton at Econbrowser.com on why construction employment hasn’t plunged (yet).

Julie Jargon at WSJ.com on the phenomenon of the gourmet-ification of the once-humble hot dog.

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