Howard Lindzon on his “trading rules.”

Oh, and some thing called Wallstrip was just sold to CBS.

Speaking of buyouts, Roger Nusbaum at thinks investors should take a close look at the “private equity” ETF before buying.

Tim Middleton at MSN Money looks behind the curtain of the “sector rotation” ETFs.

Richard Kang at the Beta Brief on the expanding menu of ETFs that promise broad international exposure.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on whether there was a “buying panic” in the SPY traders.

Mark Hulbert at checks in on the S&P 500 as it flirts with new all-time highs.

One sector not at new highs is REITs. Doug Kass at on the “REIT retreat.”

The Wall Street Journal on two increasingly overheated markets: uranium and China.

On the subject of China, FT Alphaville notes the launch of a set of Chinese market indicators.

Steve Rosenbush at on how increasingly “corporate” hedge funds are likely to see lower future returns.

Felix Salmon at Market Movers thinks Rosenbush is missing the point.

John Carney at has been reading Blackstone’s prospectus and finds some interesting results for their fund management business.

Dennis K. Berman at on the increasingly hazy mix of public and private ownership.

Who won in the Daimler-Cerberus-Chrysler takeover drama? (via

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times on “big boy letters” and their role in insider trading.

Daniel Gross at on the “silly effort” to stop insider trading on Capitol Hill.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the factors behind a divergence between CPI and actual inflation.

Zubin Jelveh at Chartistry on the relative prospects for Latin America amidst booming emerging market economies.

Kaushik Basu at Scientific American on rationality and the “Traveler’s Dilemma.”

Mind Hacks on the bogus “science” behind the much-hyped “The Secret.”

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