Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture takes note of a “very bullish” article on market optimists prominently on display in the Wall Street Journal.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight looks at the “underlying bid” under the market provided by buybacks and private equity investors.

FT Alphaville on what it might take to bring about a stock market correction.

David Leonhardt in the New York Times on whether billionaire hedge fund managers really earn their pay?

Greg Newton at NakedShorts on prime broker accused of trading against one its own hedge fund client.

Herb Greenberg at wonders whether “money is burning a hole in private equity’s pockets?”

If you have never checked out the Epicurean Dealmaker, this post is a good starting point.

Bespoke Investment Group looks at the evolution of the slope of the yield curve.

Bill Luby at VIX and More with more on the SPX-VIX correlation story.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on the TICK and the small cap-large cap relationship.

We are never sure how seriously to take these “market timing” graphs. (via Ticker Sense)

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the “frictions” that erode nominal¬† returns.

Randall W. Forsyth at on the problem with buying closed-end funds on the offering.

Charles E. Kirk at the Kirk Report with a list of “More Blogs I Read.”

David Gaffen at MarketBeat looks at the effect of higher gasoline prices on consumer expenditures (and psychology).

Mark Hulbert at on whether crude oil prices follow a statistically meaningful seasonal pattern.

Charles Steindel at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with a report that asks: “How worrisome is a negative savings rate?” (via Economist’s View)

Thomas Kostigen at on how savings levels have stagnated among all income strata.

Free exchange on “rigour” and the state of the economics profession.

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