We are more hopeful than Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage that individuals can take advantage of natural hedges.

Dennis K. Berman and Sarah Ellison at WSJ.com highlight a (long-shot) solution that “…might preserve Dow Jones’s independence while rewarding shareholders.”

DealBook notes a large Dow Jones (DJ) shareholder is skeptical that “…the company itself has a plan to get the shares to $60.”

FT Alphaville on the various ways that investment banks are transforming themselves into who-know’s-what.

Felix Salmon at Market Movers on a big money manager’s observation on “…the economically inefficient allocation of capital by developing countries’ central banks.”

WallStrip on the old saw, “Buy the fund managers, avoid the funds.”

We will be keeping a close eye on this new Man Group-managed closed-end hedge fund. (via WSJ.com)

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed has a handful of market observations.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on the (small) effect of stock splits on options.

Jonthan Burton at Marketwatch.com on what Whitney Tilson thinks Wal-Mart (WMT) should do to spark a turnaround.

Random Roger is exploring new ways to play the new buy-write ETN.

Bill Luby at VIX and More on how the buy-write ETN could be used as a timing tool.

Are 12b-1 fees on their way out the door? (via DealBreaker.com)

What are global central banks doing? (via Bespoke Investment Group)

David Altig at macroblog on the second derivative of house price expectations.

DealBook on hedge fund-related post-nups and the Freakonomics Blog asks why so many people get married in the first place?

Maybe talk of Apple TV being a dud is premature. Arik Hesseldahl at BusinessWeek.com on the Apple TV+YouTube technology hook-up.

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