Greg Newton at NakedShorts has a detailed look at the fund manager set to run most a US-listed hedge fund.

William Wright and William Hutchings at Financial News on the relative success of hedge fund activism.

William Hester at Hussman Funds on the rising prices paid for takeovers.

Michael Kahn at has his “eyes on the exit.”

David Gaffen at MarketBeat on the rest of the world becoming inured to Chinese stock market volatility.

Helen Thomas at FT Alphaville on the “soap opera of Beijing’s attempts to grapple with its red-hot stock market.”

Eleanor Laise at writes, “What you don’t understand about exchange-traded funds could hurt you.”

Chalk one up for market efficiency. CXO Advisory Group finds no “day of the week” anomalies.

The! looks at the “private equity-style investing in the public markets.”

Oh, how the times are changing. Dana Cimilluca at Deal Journal on private equity firms worrying about firm “branding.”

Gwen Robinson at FT Alphaville “…explores the dark side of integrated investment banking.”

Bespoke Investment Group with a minor sign of good news on the inflation front.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the fact that we are for better or worse, “stuck with” CPI as a measure of inflation.

James Surowiecki in the New Yorker on guest workers and the proposed immigration deal.

Caroline Palmer at Broadcasting & Cable on CNBC’s “secret weapon” – Erin Burnett! (via Huffington Post)

The iPhone is coming, the iPhone is coming! (via New York Times)

A cool map of the political blogosphere from We would love to see an investment analog.

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